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Hi. These pages are the personal web scrapbook of Alan Pomeroy.

For the past thirty years I have filled about fifty hours a week helping to shoehorn cube shaped financial systems into toroidal shaped companies. In retirement I am working on a number of projects to give me some personal fulfillment instead.

Originally, one of these projects was to write my life story. After all, if pop stars can fill a biography in their early twenties, then surely I could extract some interesting chapters from my seventy odd years. "Chapter One. Went to school, didn't learn much." "Chapter Two. Got up, went to work, came home, went to bed." After the first hundred pages, even I thought it sounded a bit repetitive and that the only way to make it public would be to pay a vanity publisher.

The web, of course, is a very cheap vanity publisher, but unfortunately the web does not make my life story any more interesting so, apart from a few details on the "about" page, you won't be seeing my biography on this site. Instead, you will find a miscellany of observations, comments, stories and instructions that I hope will entertain you. Since I first wrote this paragraph, things have changed a little.

The big news is that I have almost finished the light hearted critique of economic theory that I have writing for the last couple of years Click on "Tryig to write a book" to read the latest draft chapters


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